A Century Old Souvenir 1913-2013

from the Old Boys’ Reunion 1913

A century ago in August 1913, an event that involved locals and visitors from afar who were returning to their roots, took place in Aylmer. Mayor H.H. Wright and a male chorus met the Chicago train and greeted the visitors with songs by the chorus among which included The Maple Leaf Forever, a popular patriot song.  The town was festooned with Union Jack flags of various sizes throughout town and along the parade route of Talbot Street leading to the fairgrounds.   

James C. Crane of Aylmer had lapel pins made in the shape of the Union Jack and the reverse side stated AYLMER OLD BOYS’ REUNION – 1913 Compliments of James C.Crane 108 Fulton St, N.Y. Elcaya Toilet Preparations.   The Elcaya factory was situated in Aylmer at the Southwest corner of Queen and Talbot Street East.  

The Museum has set aside a reserved number of these authentic century old souvenirs for sale . All proceeds from the pins will go to our conservation fund.

$5.00 each

Aylmer Old Boys’ Reunion Pin