Moonlit Crane Zendo is located on Manitoulin Island in Northern Ontario. It is part of Mountain Moon Sangha, which has locations in Toronto, Canada and Brisbane, Australia. Mountain Moon Sangha is a part of a larger Buddhist community called Sanbo Kyodan. Sanbo Kyodan has Zen centers around the world with headquarters in Kamakura, Japan.

We are a small group, which offers introduction to meditation courses and weekly meditation. Private interviews and dokusan are available with resident Zen teacher Dragan Petrovic. If you are interested in Zen meditation, Zen practice or already have some experience with Zen and would like to sit with us please contact us at 705-859-3592 . All levels of experience are welcome and no previous experience is required. Although Zen is a specific discipline developed for those seeking wisdom, self-discovery, self transformation or peace of mind, Zen meditation can be practiced regardless of one's spiritual background and can serve to deepen your own experience. Sometimes people practice meditation simply to alleviate stress or improve their physical and mental health.


What is a Zendo and what is Zen?

Zendo means “meditation hall”. It is a place where sitting meditation or zazen is practiced. Zen is a school of Buddhism, which emerged in China around the 7th century CE, but it traces it’s beginning to Shakyamuni Buddha who lived in 5th century BCE. The word Zen is Japanese for the Sanskrit word Dhyana which means meditation.

About the logo and the name

The Moonlit Crane Zendo logo has been conceived and drawn by renowned Ojibwa artist David Migwans. In Zen, the full moon is a symbol of perfect wisdom and it is also part of the name of our parent group. If you live on the Manitoulin Island, you will understand why there is a crane.


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