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21st March 2006
I have added rules for posting on the tag box. My site will not be up for much longer now.
Probibly only until the end of April or early March as thats when I'm having the internet shut off.
I promise I'll be around as often as possible but I will most likely be busy packing.
Take care everyone!

<3 Kris


15th March 2006
Well guys I've decided opening NEO for a month then having to close down again would be a stupid idea.
I'm going to be moving back to the UK and will be sending loads of stuff over beforehand... including my laptop.
I'll try to pop back in once in a while to tell you guys how eveything's going. So I won't be completely dissappearing.
I'll arrive in the UK around mid July, so hopefully NEO will be back up in August.

When NEO reopens, PCG will have the new URL of NEO. ^.0

<3 Loads


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