“Windy Ferndale” located at the centre of the Beautiful Bruce Peninsula and for a  long while the brunt of jokes and ridicule for its gusty reputation is the home a Wind Park which now contains three  Vestas Turbines. This is the first turbine of  the first such development by Sky Generation, Inc of Rockwood Ontario. The single turbine pictured above supplies 1.8 MW of electricity.   which is enough power to supply the needs of approximately 500 homes or one third of the needs of the Bruce Peninsula north of Mar.

During the last week in September 2002 delivery was made through the Port of Owen Sound of one turbine for the Ferndale Wind Farm and five others which will be installed close to the Lake Huron coast near the Bruce Power development. This new equipment was received dockside with great fanfare and there was a steady stream of visitors to view the pieces of the impressive machinery. Click on the photos above the see enlargements and descriptions.  Following is an archive of photos taken during the construction phase from October 23, 2002 to November 17, 2002.

Two new turbines were erected near the existing one in autumn 2006. These three turbines supply electricity to Bullfrog Power (www.bullfrogpower.com). Bullfrog sells power to Ontario consumers who want 100% of their power to come from renewable sources instead of from Ontario’s fossil fuel and nuclear stations.
The Ferndale turbines are unique because they depend on consumers to buy their power, rather than government contracts.The Ferndale Wind Farm supplies enough power for 1500 homes. Ontario could obtain 25% of its power from wind instead of coal or nuclear if it installed the same number of turbines as Germany.
The turbines are in an ideal location — situated on the narrowest part of the Peninsula so that they catch the wind that accelerates as it crosses Georgian Bay or Lake Huron.

Sky Generation and Bullfrog Power
Vestas Wind Turbines - Company News and Technical Specifications of the Vestas 80 Turbine

Photos by Tom Boyle and Peter Dodge
Web Work by Tom Boyle

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