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Helping Voice for Life comes down to a basic need for:



Does the protection of life resonate in your heart? Interested in helping or joining our ministry? Please use the form below and let us know how you would be willing to help. Thank you!
Any questions, please contact us directly.

Volunteer Form

Let us know about yourself, and what would interest you in volunteering for Voice for Life.

For example:
Outreach – education presentations in schools and the community; helping with the Newsletter, web site, and other materials that help inform the community about Voice for Life and what it is about.
Membership - organizing help for the set up and running of events (like Walkathon, Norfolk Fair booth), calling members to get them involved, calling to remind members of upcoming events.
Fundraising - helping in campaigns to encourage financial constributions to Voice for Life, especially for specific projects and needs, so to increase the effectiveness of our message and getting more people involved.
Internal - serving on the Board of Voice for Life as a member at large, being an Office volunteer, organizing archives and records.

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If you believe in our Objectives, please consider becoming a member of Voice for Life.

Annual membership is $20 per person. You can pay for a membership by using your credit card or Paypal account through Indicate that the money is for membership(s) (and number for the household).

Registered As: VOICE FOR LIFE
BN:  119286938RR0001

Donate Now Through!

Otherwise, send cheque to Voice for Life, 29-B Peel Street, Simcoe, Ontario N3Y 1S1, with membership indicated on the cheque.

Memberships are eligible for an income tax receipt, as are general or specific donations.

Members receive our Newsletter by mail or e-mail, as you specify.

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Please pray for Voice for Life. It is with God's help that one can promote the culture of life in the community and elsewhere.

Pray for more support, awareness and volunteers for Voice for Life.
Pray for God's many blessings on this Ministry.

Prayer for Respect for all Human Life
Heavenly Father, your cosmic gaze focused on dust and you fashioned in your image and likeness every man and women: give us, we beg you, a keen eye to recognize that image so that respect for all human life becomes our way of life. Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen. [Committee for Pro-Life Activities National Conference of Catholic Bishops]

Lord and Giver of Life, Holy Spirit of God, life-giving Breath, we look to You for the strength to stand up for life in all its stages, from the moment of conception until that time when You say, “return to dust, O children of men.” Use us to give voice to the defense of life through our voting, our writing, our speaking, our non-violent protests, as well as our fasting and fervent prayers. Work in the hearts and minds of fathers and mothers everywhere. Inform their conscience and their conduct by Your Holy Word. Help all parents to take responsibility for their children, to bring them to healthy birth, and to do what is in their best interest for a healthy life, even when circumstances call for the loving option of adoption. Guide and direct the life-issues decision makers, not only those in the home, but also those in the White House, in the House and Senate of our state and nation, and in the courthouses of our country. May those whom You have charged with the responsibility of protecting all citizens, take it as a sacred obligation to defend the defenseless, to support the weak, and to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. We humbly ask for all these things with boldness and confidence in the name Christ Jesus, our Lord, who is the Resurrection and the Life, and who has come to give us life in all its fullness. Amen. [Rev. Dr. Paul R. Naumann, senior pastor at Saint Michael Lutheran Church, in Portage, Michigan]

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We are a Charitable organization that relies on funding support from individuals, businesses, churches, organizations and community partners.  Without that support we would not be able to operate and help those in need in our community.

You can make a secure donation to Voice for Life using your credit card or a Paypal account through

Registered As: VOICE FOR LIFE
BN:  119286938RR0001

Donate Now Through!

Otherwise, donations can be mailed to: Voice for Life, 29-B Peel Street, Simcoe, ON N3Y 1S1 [cheques made payable to Voice for Life]. You can mail post-dated cheques.

Donations to Voice for Life can be made in memory of a loved one at local funeral homes, or can be indicated on your cheque when mailed in to our Office, or specified on the online donation form.

All gifts are tax deductible according to Revenue Canada (CRA) regulations.

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This page was last revised on: November 29, 2014